Sunday, December 23, 2012

When Bitch just isn’t going to cover it

“Witches ride brooms because nature abhors a vacuum.”
Am I happy that I wasn’t born to some American-bound Puritan family hundreds of years ago or what?
Here, I’m a single mom, allowed to be fairly independent and employable. Here, I’m a little odd and a recluse but I mind my own business, and aside from the occasional solicitor who darkens my door, I’m left alone. Here, through a little ingenuity, I’m generally able to avoid cooking and cleaning and here I can jolly well peruse an education of my choice, even in my geriatric condition.
Here, if necessary, the Bitch gets dusted off and called in to battle, particularly if anyone is stupid enough to start down the road of Biblical Condemnation with me. And here, if the Bitch isn’t enough then, way back in the closet, hidden away, is the Witch and once she is out, she will smack it down.
So I’m thinking, taking all of these characteristics together, it would pretty much insure my place on a bonfire.
Wow, I’m glad that is all in the past. . . oh wait a moment . . . I seem to recall something about countries where women can’t work, get an education or go anywhere without the permission of a male. They also seem to be executed in horrible and public ways.
Hmmm, at least I know where my turn-into-a-newt potion would be put to good use.

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