Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vertigo and all that implies

Warning – the body of this text was written when I was in a self-righteous, royally ticked off state of mind.
Being employed in the health care field, I’ve chosen to have as little experience as a health care recipient as possible. (Ask my kids how many times we HAVEN’T driven to the ER or insta-care when they think they are dying.) This is because the quality of care is wildly varied and ridiculously regulated. Therefore odds are not favorable of finding a good provider (meaning not an ass) who is also proficient at actual diagnosis and treatment of the malady presented.
I will now refrain from the tirade about the majority of health care providers who A) assume the patient is of sub-par intelligence and therefore not capable of presenting accurate information and who are also B) unwilling to listen to and consider the presented information when making decisions. (OK maybe that was a little but tirade.)
So to summarize; went to the ER a in July for sever, long lasting vertigo. (I also get tremors and my voice changes. How weird is that! I’m assuming it’s related to inability to engage in muscular control.) I’m pretty freaked out about it and I really want answers. So I randomly choose a doc on my then insurance plan and I go to see him for a referral. He did order a blood test to check for diabetes, and much to my relief, I’ve skipped that illness. So one possible cause ruled out.
Weeks later I finally get an appointment with a neurologist. He blows off most of my concerns and tells me it is related to migraine headaches and I can’t do anything about it. (I’m doubting this diagnosis.) So I try to get into see the most prestigious neurologist in the area and wow, does that involve jumping through hoops. I need a referral but not the referral I sent in. I need prior records even if there are no records. Eventually I got an appointment for two months from now. In the interim, I’m hoping it will go the way of most maladies and get better on its own. That philosophy has severed me well in the past.

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