Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Unfortunate Tale of the Demise of the TV

When my parents got married, they were like most newlyweds, on the lower financial end of the 99%. So they went without a TV for a few years until they could afford one. (Doesn’t that sound strange? No TV? How can life possibly occur without the constant noise of the magic blinky box in the background? And where was the good old American spirit of consumerism? Go without? What’s wrong with you? Slap that purchase on the Visa and keep the economy going!)
Eventually they bought a little black and white set which they enjoyed for a very brief time. Their irresponsible preschooler (OK it was me) knocked it to the ground where it smashed to pieces. My response, in my best “mom” voice, “Get up TV.”
That was a prelude to my sad trail of broken laptops, cell phones and DVD players. There is something about portable technology, not being attentive and the need to multitask that doesn’t end well. At least I’ve learned to buy the replacement insurance.

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