Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit

Watched the Hobbit. A few thoughts. First WOW! And second, to all the haters – shut it!
Third, I’ve been a fan of Martin Freeman since the original and very funny Office on the BBC. He is fabulous and way to go casting!
Fourth, I’m guessing career changing to “Hobbit of the Shire, not the adventuring kind,” may not be possible. Damn. Fifth, were I to put out to the Universe, my request for a date I would say tall, pudgy, kind, loyal and a geek – a Tolkien loving, Trekkie with obscure tid-bits of knowledge to bring to the table. Universe – you listening?
Finally, for years, in my family we don’t just say “pockets”, we say “Nasssssty liiiiiittle pocketesses!” It’s nice to have a common understanding with others.

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