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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Family that Jedis Together Stays Together

At least until someone gets reckless with a lightsaber.
I’m thinking of reminding the girls how easy they’ve got it. No Darth parent, no pressure to come over to the dark side, no brother they could possibly mistake as a love interest.
Actually, most of this will have the opposite effect on Sierra who is hoping feverously for some magic dark power to propel her into the role of supreme ruler of the universe.
Star Wars was actually the first PG movie my parents let me see and my friend and I rode the bus to the down town Salt Lake Theater.
I was obsessed – like only an early tween can be.
The Twilight triangle has nothing on the Luke, Leia and Solo triangle and unlike the Twilight saga there were no read ahead books. It was tween torture.

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