Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Christmas Story Explained

To all of you putting up the tree, making a list, package purchasing, holiday revelers, I thought I would share the Christmas Story, according to my 16 year old who attends Catholic school.
(Illustrated by Tardar the Grumpy Cat.)
When Catholicism started, they didn’t have enough followers because they were not fun, at all.
The pagan ritual of advent, celebrated the countdown of the return of the sun god. Because of Winter solstice, it was the time the sun started to come back, and it was fun so people wanted to join.
The Catholics thought about it and said, “Hey, we’ve got a celebration too! It’s Christmas and it is fun!”
They even stole the symbols of the evergreen tree and the wreath.
“Well. Mom, that’s what they said in theology class.”

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