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Thursday, December 20, 2012

And then it sucks!

You know how you are going along in life, minding your own business, being relatively complacent and then BAMB something happens that sucks? Lest I sound whiney, I don’t mean being laid off from work or having no housing prospects or being unable to safely navigate a room without balance inability. Oh no! I mean carrying around the new, tiny, all be it cheap, micro-ey, laptop-ey, notebook-ey thing purchased three months ago, just tempting fate, like you do and SLAM! it falls to the floor in a clear act of self-destruction. And then, because in your hubris, you did not register said device and also because the oh-so carefully put away receipt and warranty have disappeared from the oh-so safe paper cabinet, you are oh-so out of luck!?! Do you KNOW what I mean!?! DO YOU!?! And it is just one thing too many because in addition to self-destruction it has taken with it all of your clever and witty post ideas and images and now, as the kids say, you are up a creek? Well there you have it! AND not only that, I saw Twit-Light and had oh-so very many things to say. But NO! You will have NONE! So depending on how persuasive the computer-selling team is at the computer-selling store, I may or may not return from tomorrow’s forging capable of blogging. (Universe – if you are listening – I could use a little break now.)

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