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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Airport Christmas Spirit or Put the Bitch Back in the Cage

Yes, I know what you are all thinking. Another insane airport-of-ineptitude-and-errors post and I honestly, gear up for the trip. Get the bitch all dusted off and ready to go IF required. I start the crabbiness on the way there, where everyone suddenly becomes an idiot driver and continues until the road home where suddenly everyone becomes, well idiot drivers, because they really are.
So this time around it was actually fairly pleasant! Busy time of year, however had the nicest US Airways agent, Gary. (If you go to the Phoenix US Airlines gate and Gary is there be sure to give him a nod.) I was like, you mean we are late and it is busy and the kid’s dad forgot to prepay the fee and everyone is stressed but you are just going to stand there and be accommodating and help me out? What is wrong with you!?!
Then went through the airport security gate, and oh my do I have things to say about the maladroitness of our government, however, Ronald is there and he is smiling and jokes a bit with the kid and wow! So now I have to have some Christmas spirit and send out a few commendable emails, damn it.

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