Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yenta at McDonalds!?! That’s not kosher.

A few factors contribute to this post.
One, there is a McDonalds a few blocks from my work. Two, diet coke is the best drink ever. Three, I spend most of my work day in my car. Four, drinks at McDonalds are only a dollar. Five, I possess the physical dexterity and cognitive ability required to use the drive thru.
Conclusion? Most days I make at least one trip and on hot days, well let’s just say it is more than one.
A couple weeks ago, I was stuck in a very slow line and my car was pulled up even with the payment window. The kid working the register starts up a conversation. Then he notices my work badge and shows me his badge. We share the same name.
Anyway, now when I go there, he remembers me and calls me by name. In addition to being a nice kid, (seriously, how many teens strike up a conversation with middle age women) he is really cute.
So I’m formulating a plan to arrange a date with him and my oldest daughter. A little tricky because she lives in Yuma and I have no idea if he is single or even how old he is, but I’ll find a way to work within those parameters.
I’m becoming a Yenta. Oy vey!

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