Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Ongoing Quest to see a Neurologist

I had an appointment with one of the top neurologists in the area to see about my vertigo. When I scheduled he was three months out. Then I had to cancel a week before because our company was bought by a much larger company and they had different insurance. Currently, it’s a moot point because now I don’t have insurance. Oh well, what do Neurologist’s know? I wonder if I can afford Medieval treatments like leaches and trepanning.
Anyway, before most of this happened, I was talking to my brother about the long wait for an appointment. He said, “Well I can help you with that. I’ll make sure we have a review with the neurologists. What an ER doc is allowed to do to a neurology patient at 3 a.m. and what a neurologist has to be called in to do is pretty arbitrary.” Subtle but effective!

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