Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Home Teachers

Let me begin this story with a little explanation. All day I interact with people and pretend that I am absorbed in their ever so fascinating lives. “That is so very interesting! Please tell me more.” (OK. That is a little harsh. I usually like what I do but there are those certain people that make my teeth grind.) When I get home I want to talk to no one! My people skills have been used up for that 24 hour period.
So foolishly, like lambs to the slaughter, my Mormon Visiting Teacher and Home Teacher came over. To start the festivities, they called me by my ex’s name. Not an endearing moment. Also the dogs go insane and it is complete bedlam. I politely refused to let them in by saying than you but this isn’t a good time. Then, after 15 minutes, I directly refuse to let them in. I’ve already rebuffed the Young Women’s president and the Relief Society president.
Seriously, Mormon Church, though you have very nice members, and some excellent ideas, take a hint! I’ll have to get a door sign that says no soliciting and no religioning.

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