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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shadow Puppets

The kid wants to see Chasing Mavericks. She insists, that at 12 years old, she is fine to go alone. I insist that I am fond of her and would not like to replace her should she go missing. She then proceeds to tell me how much butt she can kick if she needs to. I counter by suggesting she invite a friend and I will take them. Looking pitiful, she tells me never mind. I again counter by saying I would just drop them off. She perks up and decides this would be adequate. Or, I suggest, I could go see a different movie at the same time. No!! She is completely indignant. In another movie theater? In another state? She agrees to consider it, though does acknowledge that picking her up after her movie may be difficult. What if I park across the street, in disguise and entertain myself with shadow puppets?

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