Monday, November 19, 2012


A little summary of my day and a cautionary tale. Arrived at work to be informed that, secondary to the recent business acquisition, they would be downsizing the social work department and guess who was the last one hired?
Call to my attorney who reports no progress in negotiations with my ex. Submitted request for unemployment multiple times due to State System overload. Refused to answer the door for the Fed Ex dude who is trying to serve papers from the bank regarding the upcoming foreclosure in the house I am living in. Unwelcome reminder that I still have no prospects of house acquisition and, this is just a guess, being newly unemployed may not bode well on a mortgage application.
Bought an enormous quantity of junk food. Sat in my PJ’s eating Nutter Butters while surfing the web for a new job. The cautionary tale:

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Rachel said...

I love your sense of humor. I don't love the struggles you're going through.