Friday, November 16, 2012

Kirk and Cullen, Your political ticket!

A short review on the Trekkies versus Twihards comparison. Fan Obsession – Tie Trekkies have, for decades, focus on hypothetical physics and Twihards have, for less than decades, focused on which character is the hottest hottie. Ugly Tattoos – Tie A huge tattoo of Bella, Edward and Jacob is on par with a huge tattoo of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Neither will age well. Event Attendance - Star Trek Trekkies win because generally they have the sense not to camp out or smack each other with their purses. Event Options - Tie Twilight is currently kicking butt on movie options but, after years of practice, Star Trek conventions knows how to do it right. (A sea of costumed Trekkies can’t be wrong!)
Comparison for today: Trekkie versus Twihard governmental references. Let us start with Star Trek.
From the official NASA web site: “The Star Trek series are the only science fiction series crafted with such respect for real science and intelligent writing. That's why it's the only science fiction series that many scientists watch regularly . . . like me.” (Sadly Twilight is not mentioned but I’m sure the vampire tree top sprint is just as inspiring.)
NASA has often made references to (Star Trek) as in the case of the space shuttle Enterprise, which had the same name as the spaceship in the series. The creator of Star Trek and the leading actors from the series were introduced to the space shuttle Enterprise in 1976. (No Bella shuttle, Mars rover or satellite that I know of.)
The crew from STS-134 posed for its mission poster in such a way as to copy the graphic style of the 2009 Star Trek poster. (But a Twilight poster pose would have been pretty funny.)
NASA officials fulfilled the wishes of a Star Trek fan who didn’t want to miss the premiere because of his space journey. They beamed the movie to the International Space Station. (They did NOT, however, beam Twilight to the station which resulted in hysterical astronaut sobbing.)
Moving on to Twilight.
Well, Mitt Romney is a fan. “The Twilight books: such great fun, a real hoot of a time.” But he was careful to clarify that he does not condone vampires
Political Reference Comparison – do I really have to say who wins?

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