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Friday, November 16, 2012

Capitalism and Copyright and Creativity and Crap!

Trekkie and Twihards comparisons numbers six and seven: bizarre product consumption and the need to make themed crap. I took a look at some on-line availability and let us say there are some gems! It may not be too surprising that both types of fans can buy cook books.
But what about cross stitch patterns? Oh yes, they are available!
An Edward body pillow that I think looks more like Madonna.
Spock cookie-jar. Cookies may not be logical but they are delicious.
Twilight condoms because Twilight is proof of what your coach said to you in gym class, “You have sex one time and you’ll get pregnant and almost die.”
And finally a Star Trek coffin, for those of you who want to be boldly buried where no one has been buried before.
Conclusion: Tie! Plenty of insane products to spend money on and what would America be without capitalism and copyright infringement? Next comparison: Creativity and ability to make Crap
Star Trek mailbox - Awesome
Twilight Mailbox - Credit for making an effort
Twilight Bedroom - Looks like most teen rooms I've seen.
Star Trek House - and I mean HOUSE. Some big bucks were sunk into that project.
Twilight Scrapbook - At one time I was a scrapper but I don't think I would ever make an entire book for one fictional event.
Star Trek Enterprise Bike - Doesn’t look very durable but still, pretty clever!
Ruling. Not even close. I’m going with the Trekkies on this one!

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