Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book by its cover – and first 20 pages

In my slow decline into Alzheimer’s, one of the many things I can’t remember are book titles and authors.
Evidently, it isn’t adequate to describe the book I want to the librarian as “the one by the guy with the family that does the things.” It also doesn’t help if ask them to recommend a book, but, you know, not one that I’ve read before.
More than once I’ve starting the same book. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this!)
(The brain trust “Reading” Quantum Physics) So, in honor of my OCD, I gave up trying to rely on my brain and made a list of book summaries by authors. My sister and I both like the Sue Grafton books, so for Christmas one year I have her a copy of the Grafton summary. So classy, we could almost be like the Kardashians!
I try to request the books I want but my little library, bless their hearts, has a meltdown when special requests are made.
So I’ve ended up just bringing a big shopping bag to the library. (Yes, I’ve become my mother.) I load my bag up and hope I’ve managed to pick a few good ones. So far my rate of success is 10 to 1.

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