Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Trip to Bountiful -the Details

Trip to Utah, to court – again (lest we forget, going on 22 months in litigation.) I like to think the judge appreciates when the clients actually attending court, so bought tickets for Sunday night, returning Monday night.
I had vertigo this weekend – again (lest we forget, no access to a second neurological opinion until end of November) so I rescheduled the outgoing ticket for Monday morning. I felt fine but underestimated rush hour by ten minutes. Had to rebuy a ticket for an hour later and, in a stroke of genius, re-parked the car in the correct lot. (No paying to get my car out of impound for me!) Then, in flight, got a call that the court time was moved up by 30 minutes. So just made it to court! Hooray! Found out all about imputing income – but that is for another day.
Then, got a pitiful call from the kid – again (lest we forget, volley ball practice twice a week and games every Saturday) requesting I return in time for her volley ball practice so, yep, once again bought another ticket for an earlier flight home and made it to her volley ball practice in time to be looked sternly at by her coach. Oh honey, if you only knew!
(Spotted this painted on the ground at a parking spot, in the long term parking lot at Sky Harbor.)

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