Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trading Places

Billy Ray Valentine: [after breaking a vase] Hey, sorry about that. Randolph Duke: It's perfectly all right William. It was your vase. Billy Ray Valentine: That was a cheap vase, right? That was a fake? Right? Randolph Duke: I believe we paid $35,000. But if I remember correctly, we valued it for the insurance company at $50,000. You see, Mortimer? William has already made us $15,000. [Coleman, Mortimer, Randolph, and Billy Ray start laughing] Billy Ray Valentine: You want me to break something else? Randolph Duke, Mortimer Duke, Coleman: NO!
Randolph Duke: Money isn't everything, Mortimer. Mortimer Duke: Oh, grow up. Randolph Duke: Mother always said you were greedy. Mortimer Duke: She meant it as a compliment.
Billy Ray Valentine: It occurs to me that the best way you hurt rich people is you turn them into poor people.

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