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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Drama Queen!

The big boys are generally very careful around the little man and there hasn’t been any smashing, dismemberment or fatal injury. However, he does take his chances and when Oscar and Oden play the run-and-crush-each-other game, he is usually playing the middle-of-the-action-at-a-not-so-safe-distance game. Perhaps it was inevitable, and his hind leg was grazed by a bounding Berner. He cried and hobbled and then cried some more, as only Chihuahua’s can.
Being the fabulous puppy mom that I am, I explained to him that we would not be taking him to the emergency vet unless his leg were to become detached or he was still crying and limping within twelve hours. The thing about puppies, at least mine, is they have a short attention span and a terrible memory, so twelve hours later he is once again running circles around the big dogs.
That is, he was until my friend came over. He spotted her and immediately cried and limped and looked up with huge, pitiful eyes. What a drama queen!

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