Thursday, August 30, 2012

Social Work Triumphs

I’ve had angst about work. My weird vertigo and increase in migraines (I can’t imagine what stress I could possibly be responding to. . . ) has led to some work related absences. However, it has also correlated with a seasonal decline in caseload so it should be fine. Never-the-less, angst is a long term companion, so it may as well be over work.
Therefore, I must report my Hospice Social Work triumphs. (Believe me, I don’t have many, especially all at one time.) I diffused a drunken family altercation so the nurse could remove the 98 year old mom from the home. By sheer luck, I caught a funding issue for a young HIV patient about to lose housing. (It would have expired by the end of the day so we made it by 28 minutes.) And I begged, finagled and ran down the battery on my cell phone to get an oxygen-dependent’s home electricity turned back on before his tanks ran out. (For those of you not familiar; no electricity means no oxygen concentrator means no long term oxygen supply means big time emergency.)

So my boss gave me a little good job talk. (Hooray!) I asked her if we could write it down somewhere so the next time I messed up we could take a moment longingly look back to the day of many triumphs.

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