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Friday, August 3, 2012


I hate moving! Have I mentioned that? What, about one million times? So last year I published the 16th move post. The move from Utah to Arizona put me at 16 moves in 21 years. (Including moves to both coasts and to Hawaii.) The longest I’ve stayed in one place has been five years. What is wrong with me!?!
So, new developments, my renters in Utah are moving out in August. I’m renting a house in Arizona from my brother who is going to put it up for short sale. There are things I really like about Arizona; my job is wonderful, I’m close to my brother and the kid is getting along great. Also, the reason I moved out here to begin with, I’m closer to my big girls. There are things that aren’t so great about Arizona like the heat, and the heat and probably just how dang hot it is. Having an impending move is enough to, well to make me take a nap.

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