Monday, August 27, 2012

Fat Olympics

I tried to find quotes about the positive, or at least funny, aspects of being fat. Know what? There aren’t many. People are mostly mean and condescending. Make that very mean and very condescending. I hate to think that my only value is my age and size. I am losing both of those battles.

I did find a few interesting “Fat Olympian” stories. 
They asked of the newspaper readers to comment on the Great Britain volleyball team. “This just sums up this pitiful country, we can’t even get some decent looking women for our volleyball team.” “These four should just hide in a burlap sack. Then we can tie the tops and throw them in the Thames.” “If the athletes had nice bogies maybe there would not be the complaints about skimpy outfits. In case of these females they should be wearing track suits!”
On the other hand, there is this.

McDonald’s little press blog: 
McDonald's became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in 1976 and has a longstanding commitment to the Olympic Movement. At the 1968 Olympic Winter Games, McDonald's airlifted hamburgers to U.S. athletes competing in Grenoble, France, who reported they were homesick for McDonald's food.

Since then, the company has served its menu of choice and variety to millions of athletes, their families and fans. In 2012, McDonald's announced the continuation of its TOP sponsorship for the next eight consecutive years through the 2020 Games.

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