Sunday, June 3, 2012


When Montana was a baby we had a little rabbit named Tungsten. I was taking Chemistry at the time, hence the name – it was that or Tellurium. Rabbits after him were named things like Spike, Fang and Cashmere. Tungsten would run to the fridge if you opened the door and sit back on his haunches waiting for strawberries. If you were on the floor he would hop to you and lick your nose. He would let the kid squeeze him in hopes that he could steal her juice bottle. He would grab the top of the bottle in his teeth and drag it off as far as he could. Thus started a long line of pet bunnies. It ended years later when Flip Flop turned a corner too soon and snapped his leg. It was an $800 repair. When he died that was end of bunnies for me.

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