Thursday, March 29, 2012

Index Cards

Back to “The Book.” I know, I have “book” on the brain but it is such a big part of my bucket list! I don’t have a title but I do have a main character. That’s a start right? Her name is Geswin which is Gaelic for swan.
I wasn’t going to be one of those, make-an-outline-for-your-book type of people. I am so OCD I figure I’ll spend four years making the outline and that will be the end of my project. I’m assuming commercial interest in extensive, novel outlines is minimal.
However, after my cast of characters got beyond 30 I decided I better do something to keep everyone straight. I made a family tree of names.
Obviously that didn’t work so I made every character an index card. (I’m sure all the authors out there are rolling eyes.) Here are my packs of cards that travel in my purse. At least I feel productive.

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