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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl Park

I think I’ve adequately explained my intense dislike of the park but here is a review: Kids screeching in that super-sonic tone that makes my ears bleed, random balls that inevitably clobber me, insects biting, chatty people I have no desire to know wanting to strike up a conversation and sun making sweat drip down my back in a puddle while wrinkling my pale, vampire-like skin.
So the kid wants me to go with her to the park. When the kids were tiny, I attentively put them in swings and pushed, caught them at the base of the slides and called out enthusiastically while they ran around “really fast, watch Mom!” I did my park duty. I’m done with park duty. (Well perhaps as a grandma I could be called on to trudge to the park again.) Don’t get me wrong. I would love for the kid to go to the park with some friends and kick the ball around. Just not with me.
Turns out the kid thinks I should go because I would have fun and I would meet new people. Oh honey, it’s cute that you think so.