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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Ten to get a “gineua” pig

I found a list on the floor in a cute little coffee shop.  It’s obviously written by someone young.  It reminded me of something I would do at such an age.
Top Ten Reasons to get a “gineua” pig  
A friend, my own
A family “adition”
Showing I care
Something to make me do homework
To look forward to be home
To show me how to take care of my self
Help me earn money
To care for it

Beware young person because once you start making lists, it becomes addicting, including a daily “to do” list, a weekly “to do” and an eventual “to do” list. I also have lists under “Things I want to know”
Henry VIII’s Wives
The Laws of Thermodynamics and Newton’s Law of Motions
A summary of WWII
Outline of Catholic versus Protestants
Summary of Gnosticism
All the US presidents
I think this fully expresses the potential for crazy list making.  Beware young list maker!

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