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Sunday, February 12, 2012


My Day Thursday:
“Oh,” I say to myself, “why look, my A/C isn’t working. Oh darn.  Now that I’ve replaced the battery and the front breaks, surely nothing on my 170K plus miles car could possibly be wrong.  Why I’ll pop into the repair shop.”  Then there was much waiting, turning into irritation, on my part because if you haven’t been to a repair shop lately they aren’t the most entertaining places. Soon after I had given up going to work for the day I find out that, yep, my A/C is broken.  “Really!” I exclaim, so very surprised but also, as a bonus, the cooling system is unsalvageable. 
So End my day Thursday.
My Day Friday: I go to another repair place saying bad words under my breath.  After much waiting (why is an insane wait necessary to the repair shop?) I was informed that, yep my car is all busted to a tune of 1k plus and as a super great extra I will need to replace the rear brakes soon.  So the rest of my day was spent on line looking for new cars and sayin very bad words. I’m guessing a Mazda Miata isn’t going to work for three kids and two big dogs.