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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weight Witch

So I started Weight Watchers or, as I call it to myself, Weight Witch-ers. (Not because I don’t like the program.  It is easy to understand and do-able.  It is just that following any weight loss program makes me witchy.)   After a week of dedicated, mostly non cheating, I lost a few pounds.  Yea!! (But not as much weight loss after my festive three day illness.) Anyway, I lost my little booklet, the rule of all food counting and my touchstone to possibly shopping in the regular sizes.   So I joined the on-line weight watchers.  I am, in no way, patient enough to follow the on-line, ten-thousand button search.  Looking up food, you can put in exotic types but it freaks out if you put in “bread”.  So after a few days of frustration, I ordered a starting kit - an updated, expanded booklet of all foods plus restaurant guide, great, even paid for the expedited shipping. Then, after an additional $125 in witching fees, I found my little book under the bed.  Oh little book, I missed you so.  The final bit to the story, after two weeks, yep count them two, they finally processed my booklet order and I may, indeed receive my booklet sometime.  


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