Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hitchcock (completed)

Not having the best week of my life, and being in a migraine stupor for three days, I didn’t post the end of the Hitchcock story.  Imagine my chagrin!  So here is the complete story:

One day, when I was in high school, I got a message to come to the front office and meet my dad.  I thought the only way he would have left work and pulled me out of school was if someone had died. So I go the hall, hoping everyone is still alive and he says, “Do you know who Alfred Hitchcock is?” What!?! “The old Hitchcock movies are coming to a theater in Salt Lake.  Will come and see them with me?”  

Now you have to remember that back in the dinosaur days, VCR’s were just coming out and the selection of movies were really limited.  This was when The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind were played once a year on TV and it was a big family event.  

So it turned out to be one of my best memories, watching Rear Window and Vertigo with my dad