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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Belly Bad

Remember the Weight Watchers diet where I lost – ta da – Nothing?!?! Well I tried the Belly Fat diet. Sworn to work by my lovely, and thin-as-a-rail sister in law.  It claims that in two weeks you can lose up to 15 pounds.  Oh yes! Plans for skinny pants made, I purged the pantry and bought things with no sugar.

Foolishly I had gum the first few days. Six sticks equal all the daily sugar you’re allowed.  Who knew? So no gum.

The grand total of pounds lost on said diet?  Um a positive 8 pounds.  Yep, gained 8 pounds.  8 sugar free, gum free, belly bad pounds.  I don’t think I need to express my frustration further . . .

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