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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ask Me

Ask me how my day was.  Ask me. I dare you. My car wouldn’t start so I am the proud owner of a new, shiny battery.  Then, if you will recall, the dogs eating not one but two pair of glasses, my need for new eyewear.  I went to Target to purchase said eyewear, but. oh no, not on my insurance plan.  However, the lady was helpful and provided a list of options.  So, after work, I went to Eye Idiots.  Most would be warned by the name but not me.  After waiting extensively to find that yes indeed my insurance covered the idiots I was assured that the insurance discount would not pay for the glasses I really, really needed to improve all aspects of my life.  So words were exchanged and I went to another supplier on the list.  They were very nice but were not really covered by my insurance.  I made a final trip to another location but sadly they thought they should retire for the day and were unable to assist me.  I think military issue “birth control” eyewear (you know what I mean) would be acceptable at this point.

I especially like the section of the bill that assures me I had a quality inspection and instructs me to “have a nice day.”


Karalee said...

sorry but I'm totally laughing at your expense and at your amazing turn-of-phrase...sounds like a super special day:)

marchmatron said...

It was super special!