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Saturday, October 1, 2011


I was recently asked what makes you happy and what makes you sad?  Easy question, right?  The more I thought about it the more complicated it became.  So here is my happy list:

Learning something new, and of course writing it down in my little book of all knowledge so I don’t forget.
When I see someone being kind.  That sounds trite, but it seems I usually run across the opposite.  
When my blog view numbers slowly creep up.  It makes me feel popular.
Finding a good book.  
When I wake up on the weekend and realize I can sleep in for an extra hour.
Having clean floors.
Finding a good white T-shirt.  I’m sort of picky and can never find one the right length or thickness or with the right neck.
Doing Sub for Santa with my sisters.
Golf, for about five holes.  Then I’m done and walk the rest of the course.
A good hair day.  Believe me, those don’t happen often.
Smell of rain and pine.  (I grew up in Oregon.)
Cooking something that turns out.  I’m not a good cook so it always surprises me when I make something good.  It happens once in a while.  Then, conversely it makes me happy when someone cooks for me.  
Living by my brother and his family and when my little nieces yell, “Aunt Alex!”
On the occasions when I actually make a difference at work.
The thought of living in a really cool small space, like the shipping container houses.  I’m sure I like the thought of it better than the actual doing it.
Doing little things to go green.
Living in an organized space.  Granted I need help with this, but should I get organized I’m sure I would be happy about it.
Road trips.
Fining something cool and vintage at the thrift store.
Having enough money at the end of the month that I can put a little in savings.
The thought that I could go back to school and reinvent myself.
Making something creative.
Teaching adult education.
Watching or listening to something funny.  I love Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Modern Family.
My big dumb puppies.
Keeping my house plants alive.
Finding a pair of pants that are flattering.
Success stories where the little guy makes it big.
Of course, it makes me the happiest when my girls are happy.

What makes you happy?

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