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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No Rug Left Behind

It is amazing what things didn’t make it in the van the first time around; a bar stool, the vacuum cleaner, an eight-foot shelf and an area rug. Not small items but after the day of moving blitz I think I could miss an entire bedroom suite. 

Conversation with Oscar:  “I’m pretty sure I could drive the car.” “No.  Stay in your seat.” “Remember the other night with the loud noises when I was sure world was going to end?”  “I remember you crying about it.” “Well you didn’t stop the banging so I think I’ll spend the next 10 hours trying to sit on your lap while you drive.”  “How about you stay in the back and I’ll let you live in the house.”  “Deal.”  We arrived without incident – no wrecks, throwing up or peeing in the car.  I’m calling it a success.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm impressed. No major incidents with the doggie. What a good boy. I've made that drive so many times and I can't ever recall an incident-free trip with the kids. Somebody is always throwing up or pooping at inconvenient times - like when we're in the car!
Glad you made it.