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Friday, July 29, 2011

Craft room continued Part 2

After a big breath we started again.  I exchanging the four foot ladder for a six foot ladder and bought some heavy duty drill-in-the wall mollies.

The room has a super tall ceiling so I’m trying to build up to maximize storage. (All those HGTV programs weren’t watched for nothing!)  We hung a bunch of floating shelf brackets and we had to punch holes in my sister-in-law’s super cool paint job.  She made great red and blue diamonds.  (Whenever I’ve tried to use painting tape it never looks that good.) 

Then we worked on the bookcases.  There is an angle in the room and we bought three thin ones to fit around the corner.  We also bought the additional caps and they still aren’t close to the ceiling height.

The kid and I laughed for a long time over the instructions.  Look at the sad guy trying to assemble the bookcase alone and then the happy guy when he has a friend.  Unfortunately, the happy guy didn’t help us put the connecting shelf on the right way and we had to drill out the plastic connectors after we messed it up.        

When it was all said and done we didn’t get anything put away but we made some kick-butt progress!  Yea!!


Karalee said...

Oh. My. I spewed Coke Zero out of my nose when I scrolled down to those pics. Hahahaha...I'm freaking out. Where in the heck did you buy those shelves!?

marchmatron said...

They were an Ikea find. Even the happy guys lie. Sierra and I did not look like that at 1 am when we got all three of them together.

marchmatron said...